finally caught up with the manga lol

can u pls draw chibi sailor venus pls

lol whats a chibi

lilowoof replied to your post: my fave inazuma boy

my eyes can’t handle the beauty of your art ahhhh

omfg ur too sweet thank you u///////////u

my fave inazuma boy

my fave inazuma boy

Do you take requests? If you do can you draw your favorite inazuma? Thank you :y

omg hell yea i can im always up for inazuma man

i drew komaeda again im sorry friends n family

What's the average time it takes you to finish a drawing?

i guess it depends on the drawing and how focused i am, usually 1-2 hrs if it’s just a character on a blank canvas lol

can i make a request pls

marlie i know its u and i want u to know that i will not draw furries or shrek at 1am

omfg your art is magical you've grown so much omfg the jjba fanart aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


that nekoma dude

started watching the jojo anime recently and i really like caesar!!

i don’t know how to feel about this character

old endou art i forgot to upload 

tankaze replied to your post: tankaze said: aw no you stop…

according to page 788 of the best people book, you are to turn back to page 1 and see your name printed on every page the holy truth don’t stop me

omg idek what to say anymore

im reporting u for being 2 cute

julius-kresnik said: both of you are grose

omgg u just jealous cus ur not part of our awesome club