I love your art, especially your colours!!!! It's hard to believe we're about the same age but one day I hope to be as good as you!

ahhhh thank you so much!! woah omg i just checked out ur blog and ur art is hella fine damn gurl donT strive to be like me im just a dummy with no control over my life

Oh god, your style is amazing and I can't stop admiring your colouring! Your art is so bright, light and fresh and I just can't! You're amazing :3

wow omG thank you so much!!

art meme with the lovely vikun!! basically what we do is, i draw one of her pieces in my style and then she draws one of my pieces in her style, i chose this one bc i love lavender & arakita lol 

thank you for doing this art meme with me vikun, it was super fun to do!!

edit: LOOK AT HERS!!!! DUde

hi i just wanted to let u know ur coloring is really pretty and ur art is a+, keep doin ur thing

omg thank you i will try my best!!!

hi, i love your art so much and am trying to get into digital art myself, could you please make a tutorial? I'm sure a lot of people wonder how you make the skin of the characters so luminous, too

heyy thanks!!

i made one before like a year ago lmao i don’t think my art style rly changed that much, my process is pretty much the same too

i just use a lot of overlay effects lol

digital art just takes a lot of practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time (:

sweats nervously


OMDfG THANK U SO MUCH u////////u

dinosaur man diego brando

I just saw your blog thanx to kennelkid YOUR ART IS AMAZIIINNG !!!~`O`~


draw rimon


i can’t believe i haven’t drawn jotaro yet

I saw your tumblr on recolor.me, and I have to say that your art is unexpectedly amazing! I love it, keep up the work!

woah omg thank you //////////

finally caught up with the manga lol

can u pls draw chibi sailor venus pls

lol whats a chibi

lilowoof replied to your post: my fave inazuma boy

my eyes can’t handle the beauty of your art ahhhh

omfg ur too sweet thank you u///////////u